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Intangible Strength
Several aspects and facets of our company makes us the preferred choice of clients who seek quality, and commitment and reliability which includes:

Support of many factories due to long - term dealings.

Strong and long - term relationship with reputed suppliers of marble / granites from the following countries from: India, Portugal, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, China, Spain, Turkey   

Complete command over Machinery/ Tools / New Technology.

In- depth knowledge of marble , granites, stone slate.

Ability to attract and retain loyal and capable staff. reward and remuneration exceed market standard.

Extremely good rapport with consultants, architects, builders, etc.

Counter Actions or Claims Since incorporation
We have zero claim record.

We have have been defaulted on a contract nor had contract terminated.

We have never been taken to the court for non - payment of either creditors or employees. All our accounts are settled promptly and our employees are always been paid in full on or before the 7th day of each month for the preceding month's pay period.

Performance sine Incorporation
Highly reliable and competitive, stone Teknik's success in Qatar is in offshoot of our impeccable track record and excellent execution of projects. Key factors that contribute to us being awarded projects worth millions of Qatari riyals include:

Extremely competitive pricing
Expertise and vast technical knowledge base
Complete control of projects
Extensive range of products and services
Excellent track record and reliability
On - time delivery record on every single project We undertake